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Denominations are, at their very core, structures that help support and enable a diversity of Christians. They are not Christianity, they merely make space for different varieties of faith to flourish. If we can simply understand denominational labels as descriptors, rather than terms of value -- who is right and who is wrong -- we can see beyond the walls that separate us and begin to see the beautiful diversity there is among Christians.
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The Catholic Denomination

The Catholic Church, commonly known as the Roman Catholic Church, has well over one billion members, approximately one-sixth of the world's population. It's the world's largest Christian denomination. It's also the largest organized body of any world religion. Catholics are led by the Pope, also known as the Bishop of Rome, currently His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that it is the "one holy catholic and apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ." Section 8 of the Second Vatican Council's Decree on the Church, Lumen Gentium [1] states that "the one Church of Christ which in the Creed is professed as one, holy, catholic and apostolic, ... constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him".

Catholics seek forgiveness of their sins and follow the example and teaching of Jesus. They believe that Jesus has provided seven sacraments which give Grace from God to the believer. The Latin word sacramentum means "a sign of the sacred." The Catholic sacraments are:

Baptism - the Sacrament of Baptism is the first step in a lifelong journey of commitment and discipleship. Whether believers are baptized as infants or adults, Baptism is the Church's way of celebrating and enacting the embrace of God.

Eucharist - Catholics believe the Eucharist, or Communion, is both a sacrifice and a meal. It's a celebration of the Mass, (the Eucharistic liturgy) and the consecrated bread and wine which according to the faith become the body and blood of Christ. When Catholics receive Christ's Body and Blood, they are nourished spiritually and brought closer to God.

Reconciliation - The Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation, also known as the Sacrament of Penance or Penance and Reconciliation, has three elements. They are: conversion, confession and celebration. In it Catholics find God's unconditional forgiveness, and are called upon to forgive others.

Confirmation - Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament of mature Christian commitment and a deepening of baptismal gifts. Like Baptism and Eucharist, it is a Sacrament of Initiation for Catholics and a Sacrament of faith in God's fidelity to us.

Marriage - For Catholics, the Sacrament of Marriage, or Holy Matrimony, is a public sign that one gives oneself totally to this other person. It is also a public statement about God: the loving union of husband and wife speaks of family values and also God's values.

Holy Orders - In the Sacrament of Holy Orders, or Ordination, the priest being ordained vows to lead other Catholics by bringing them the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, by proclaiming the Gospel, and by providing other means to holiness.

Anointing of the Sick - The Catholic sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, formerly known as Last Rites or Extreme Unction, is a ritual of healing appropriate not only for physical but also for mental and spiritual sickness.

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The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, ex-Notre Dame president, dies
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The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England rejected calls from lawmakers to stay out of politics, saying on Tuesday he would keep up the pressure on government to tackle "shocking" levels of poverty ahead of a general election. In a news conference to set out the Church's priorities ahead of the May 7 vote, Cardinal Vincent Nichols said he recognized and welcomed the efforts the coalition ...
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-The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, ex-Notre Dame president, dies at 97
He was a transformative figure in Catholic higher education who led the university for 35 years.
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Steve Howes, using a novel approach to lure men?s basketball recruits, has the Cardinals on the cusp of the Division III tournament.
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-Oslo's Catholic bishop suspected of serious fraud.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Norwegian police say Oslo's Catholic bishop and the church's financial manager are suspected of serious fraud in connection with membership lists.
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-Camden Catholic tops Camden for first division title since 2010
Demola Onifade figured he put the finishing touch on another Camden Catholic victory with an emphatic slam in the game's final seconds.
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-Seton Catholic girls advance to another final
Seton Catholic used its length to fluster Thunderbird and pull away in the second half, winning 56-31 in the Division II semifinals.                
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-Central Catholic swimmer finds gold
Central Catholic sophomore Gabe Castano says he started swimming competitively as a ninth-grader, hoping his love of water and his mother's aptitude for the sport would translate into some sort of success.
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-In the Trinity, author finds roots of Catholic human rights tradition
Meghan Clark's new book, The Vision of Catholic Social Thought: The Virtue of Solidarity and the Praxis of Human Rights , accomplishes many things.
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-Catholic school quits Boston St. Patrick's parade over gay marchers
By Elizabeth Barber BOSTON (Reuters) - A Roman Catholic grammar school located near Boston has pulled out of the city's St. Patrick's Day parade in protest over organizers' decision to allow a gay veterans' group to march in next month's event. The Immaculate Heart of Mary School, which traditionally sends its marching band to the South Boston route, said on Friday it would withdraw following a ...
Publ.Date : Fri, 27 Feb 2015 13:36:25 -0800
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